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Clive Gard and SafeGard Web Design whilst it has been around for many years is not a high volume web design company, quite the opposite. They have hand picked projects that have required a personal touch and provide ongoing support and advice as part of the overall package.


Over the years Clive Gard has had the privilege to work on projects involving The M.O.D. Various UK Councils, worked on an Antivirus project called "Early Warning" attended international seminars, involved on projects with John McAfee (Sold out to McAfee Antivirus) and Peter Norton (Sold out to Symantec Corporation) Both in the very early years of Antivirus Software.


Now I just work on bespoke projects that usually take my interest and feel like they can help other people and better someone's life. I am always approachable and a lot of my experience and knowledge I will provide for free again if it takes my interest or improves someone's life.


Clive Gard,
SafeGard I.T. Consultants, Torquay. UK.
Tel: +447770 923090.

Cryptocurrencies, the future of Money

Cryptocurrencies are still quite new but we are going to increasingly hear a lot more over the coming years. Most of us have heard of Bitcoin by now but there are many others that are far more superior and growing at a faster rate. This is the Gold rush of our generation and getting involved early is going to make a lot of wealthy people as it redistributes assets away from the control of Governments and Banks.

There is much more to Crypto's than just money and with new developments and improvements to the Blockchain new services through Smart Contracts is also going to change the way we do business in the future. Click on the link below to learn more about Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts through a series of videos.

Watch Crypto Training Videos

Screenshots Gallery

Some screenshots of various projects.

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DasCoin UK Project (UK Branding and Website Design).

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Economize (Personal domain portal and branding).

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KJC Artworks (Design Website, Branding & Sales Gallery).

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Clive busy cramming in some extra hours from home.