Web Design

Bespoke Web Design and Project Management from conception through to SEO & marketing services. We like challenging concepts that push the boundries.

Computer Security

Advice and Training on correct procedures and safeguards to be implemented by I.T. users to protect themselves on and offline against threats.


Software and Websites should help reduce the use of paper systems and can achieve this providing good backup procedures are implemented.

Special Projects

We love taking a new idea for a business or charity and turning it into a working model.


We do not like systems that seem to make the simplest of tasks twice as hard. We expect programs and sofware to make our lives easier.


Most people are used to sending emails but with the new technologies of cryptocurrency and smart contracts emerging new possibilities are being opened up as to how we interact with each other.

Screenshot Gallery

Some screenshots of various projects.

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DasCoin UK Project (UK Branding and Website Design).

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Economize (Personal domain portal and branding).

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KJC Artworks (Design Website, Branding & Sales Gallery).

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Clive busy cramming in some extra hours from home.